Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Question

Does anyone else find the journey's song "The Shadchan" (lyrics here and sample music here) depressing?

I feel like it's supposed to be inspiring; I even saw a website call it whimsical.  But somehow, I always feel like crying when I hear it. Lately (read: since I started shidduchim), I've just been skipping it whenever it comes up.

Anyone else out there feel this way?


itsagift said...

Yes, I totally agree with you. I don't find that song encouraging at all. It's like, the shadchan says this time it will be different and then poof! One time his/her words were true! It doesn't say what changed...it's just that it happened to be that it worked out that time.

Now that you got me thinking about this song, it could be that there is a different message we can take from it. And we can apply this message to every area of our lives. It's that everything has a time and until that time comes, you can't do anything to speed up the process. Of course you have to try and do your part but since it's all in Hashem's hands, you must rely on Him completely and trust that He will get you there!
Kind of a similar idea to the waiting room article you posted.

MusingMaidel said...

Very true itsagift!

Since we're speaking of songs, today I have a much better song in my head - the chorus from Michoel Pruzansky's "You're watching me"

The lyrics for the chorus are:

Oh, Hashem.
Every step I take you guide
Every day
I know you're standing by my side
You open up my eyes when I am lost and cannot see
It's all in Your hands
Wherever I am
You're watching me

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