Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Traffic Light for Life?

Usually when I drive home from school there are a few other people in the car, but today I got out early and no one else was ready to go. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I drive alone I tend to think a lot. Tonight was no exception. My mind was wandering from topic to topic as I sat at a red light somewhere on Kings Highway. Since I was focused inwardly, when I saw a green light, I got ready to go. I almost had to slam on the brakes because the car in front of me wasn’t moving. That’s when I realized that the green light I had seen was the left turn signal, not the regular light to go straight. For a moment I debated switching lanes and going left, just to avoid waiting for the light to change. But what’s the point of going if the road I would be traveling would just take me further and further from my destination?

The same holds true in our lives. So many times, especially with shidduchim, we are forced to choose – should we take the first available option or hold out for a different, and possibly better, one. I’ve heard so many stories of girls who married the first boy they went out with just to make sure they wouldn’t turn into one of the “older” girls. How many of them came to regret that decision? How many would have led happier lives had they waited for the light to turn green?

Life is full of crossroads, intersections with our own traffic lights. When we’re stopped at a personal red light, what do we do? Go wherever’s easier, whichever light changes first? Or wait and head in the direction we want to go in?


JVC said...

I guess I'm your first comment. Welcome, it seems like this blog will be a decent read.
By the way, it's Kings Highway (not with an apostrophe), named after the county of Kings.

chavamf said...

Thanks. In case you couldn't tell, I'm not a native Brooklynite (or would that be Brooklyner?). I've lived in NY all my life, but I didn't start going to Brooklyn often until I started college. I guess I never really checked the spelling. Hopefully you won't catch any more grammar/spelling errors. Thanks again for being my first comment ever!!

itsagift said...

This is a very interesting way of looking at it and I never thought of it this way.
I never heard of someone marrying the first guy they went out with because they were afraid they would become an older single! It is usually the other way around (at least in my opinion) - a person is afraid to go ahead with the first one, thinking that there might be someone better, someone more perfect (although no one is perfect...) out there!

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