Friday, July 10, 2009

In Tribute to an Amazing Teacher

Every so often, a person comes across one teacher who makes a real difference in his or her life. These teachers are rare and few between, but when they come … This particular teacher was my Chumash teacher in 12th grade. She lives in my neighborhood, so I've seen her often since seminary.

This teacher is a shining example of someone who doesn't consider her job done when her students graduate high school. After we all got back from sem, we felt bereft – no more shiurim on a regular basis. Someone, I'm not sure who, came up with the idea to ask this teacher to give us a shiur in Sichos Mussar every Shabbos. This teacher being who she is, she agreed immediately. The shiur not only became the highlight of my week, but that of everyone else involved.

Now we've stopped for the summer. I miss her smile so much; I miss the simchas ha'chayim that everything she did was infused with. And I can't wait to start again in the fall. We bought her the book With Hearts Full of Love by R' Mattisyahu Soloman as a goodbye present. This was the inscription we wrote:

One Simchas Torah evening
Some girls started to shmuz
"We're just back from Israel
And we need a shiur," they mused

"Shabbos would be perfect
Night or maybe day
Let's ask Mrs. Teacher
It'll be great either way"

They called up their מחנכת
She enthusiastically agreed
She couldn't wait to share with them
Life lessons that they'll need

And every shabbos since then
A pilgrimage is made
To 123rd street
And the greatest shiur ever gave

Your simcha, Mrs. Teacher,
In life and all you do,
Gives us life to face our week
And your shiur is the how-to

We come to you for help,
For advice and just to cry
You pat us on the shoulder
And tell us how to try

Your interest in each of us
Is always so sincere
It makes you perfect for
Either choice of your career

A simple gift cannot convey
The impact that you've made
You've changed the pattern of our lives
In ways that will never fade

With Hearts Full of Love,
Your Talmidos


Something Different said...

If only more teachers would be like her....

Nice poem, you wrote it?

MusingMaidel said...

If only ...

Yes, I did write it. I would have mentioned the author if it hadn't been me. There are a few private jokes in there, so you might not have chapped all of it... But I'm glad you enjoyed anyway. Thanks for the comment

itsagift said...

Wow - that is such a beautiful gift and a really nice poem too!! I have the book and I am in middle of reading it - it's really good!!
You are really lucky to have a teacher who really cares about each girl and still keeps in touch with you! :)

inkstainedhands said...

I've had so many teachers like that over the years who have helped me grow as an individual, who have listened to me and encouraged me, who have guided me when I needed it, and gave me so much of their time.

It was very thoughtful of you and your friends to show your appreciation that way. I think that when girls acknowledge how much they have gained from a teacher, it is one of those things that make the job rewarding.

inkstainedhands said...

I forgot to mention... I was actually planning on writing a post about how much I have gained from teachers in the past few years, but I never really got around to it.

If I ever do, I'll make sure to link to your post.

MusingMaidel said...

thanks for the comments everyone. I guess my wish has been fulfilled. The teacher was very cute about the book. Now, almost every week she mentions something from it during the shiur.

inkstainedhands-thanks for the future link. I appreciate it. "It's one of those things that make [blogging] rewarding ☺"

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