Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Window: an Addendum

My last post was about Ahavas Chinum, loving another for no reason other than the fact of their existence. This poem symbolizes one of the times in my life that I was able to live with the Ahavas Yisroel that I know we are supposed to have. I had been planning on posting this poem with that, but at the end it didn't fit. So, here it is:

You're looking out the window
Pain heavy on your heart
People going on their way
While your life just fell apart

People with their regular lives
Not knowing what had been
Just going on with what they do
Not knowing what's within

They see your face, tears in your eyes
And know not what to say
They fumble with their clumsy words
While you wish they'd go away

I know I can't properly express
The words that are in me
But know one thing -
Where you need me, I'll be


Staying Afloat said...

Powerful. A reminder that each person is their own world.

Thank you.

itsagift said...

What an amazing poem. Thanks for sharing it!
(I'm guessing that you wrote it.)
Here is a link just in time: Ahavas Yisroel Project

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